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12 Twitter and Instagram accounts for B2B marketers to follow

images from the Instagram account @typographyinspired. Left image: @markvanleeuwn / right image: @emilyvanhoff

images from the Instagram account @typographyinspired. Left image: @markvanleeuwn / right image: @emilyvanhoff

As a marketing agency, we’re most often focused on using social media to help our clients’ marketing efforts — and often rather successfully. (For instance, we helped one client grow their LinkedIn engagement 437% last year.) But we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that social media can be very valuable in helping US do our jobs — the education and inspiration we provide for our clients’ customers and prospects is also available to us.

My personal social media ecosystem is primarily Twitter and Instagram, so I thought I’d share a few of the accounts I follow regularly, in case they might be helpful to you.


@MProfsWire: a feed of the daily articles and content that Marketing Profs posts every day. Great for B2B marketers.

@FastCoDesign: Fast Company magazine’s take on the intersection of business and design across many different media.

@HubSpot: the Twitter channel for the inbound marketing platform, but is full of great marketing tidbits and content whether you use their service or not. They do post quite a bit, though – sometimes 30+ per day.

@brandingmag: a journal documenting branding news and opinions from around the globe.

@MarketingB2B: news, tips and features about B2B marketing, with a bent toward digital marketing.

@smb2b: the self-described “leading social media site for B2B marketers.”

@FESmagazine: since our agency has a specialization in foodservice, we also follow a number of foodservice related channels. This account is one of the stronger ones, focused on the foodservice equipment and supplies industry.

@QSRmagazine: a great foodservice news and information source for quick-serve, fast-casual and limited service restaurants.

@BMANational: the Twitter feed of the professional society for business marketers. Good information about B2B marketing.

(Since Instagram is so much a visual medium — and since I’m a creative guy at heart — most of these accounts are more focused on the visual aspects of marketing.)

@thedesigntip: daily graphic design inspiration.

@logoinspirations: a curated collection of outstanding logo design.

@typographyinspired: a curated collection of great typographic work, much hand-drawn.

@graphicdesignblg: a curated collection of interesting and inspirational graphic design work from multiple genres.

I’m sure there are dozens more great sources for content and inspiration, and I’d love to hear about them. Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments.