Infographic: The case for mobile-ready B2B email marketing

Email: it’s the easy, simple, “free” solution for your marketing campaign, right? Just send it and hope for the best, right?

Unfortunately, no — as customers get more sophisticated and expect more from both B2C and B2B marketers, it’s more important than ever to be sure you’re doing email marketing right. And with more than half of all email messages opened on mobile devices, ensuring your email marketing is mobile-friendly is critical.

Recent research, as shown below in the VantagePoint Marketing email marketing infographic we’ve created, shows that B2B companies are falling behind their B2C compatriots in embracing mobile-friendly email messages.

But when B2B companies optimize for mobile, 41% see improved results. That’s a tremendous return for what is, after all, not that much more effort.

B2B Mobile Email Infographic

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