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Knowing whether your marketing is working properly — or if the path you’ve chosen is the right one — can be challenging. We can help.

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When you’re considering working with a B2B marketing agency, chemistry is important. You want to feel confident in the abilities, approach and personality of those you’ll be working with.

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To help with your evaluation process, we’re offering you a choice of trial experiences with VantagePoint Marketing:

  • Our Wayfinder marketing scorecard, where we evaluate some samples of your current marketing to be sure you’ve chosen the right direction in your marketing journey

  • Our Viewpoint strategy assessment, where we evaluate a specific marketing challenge and provide you with ideas for addressing it

Your Choice | Step 1

Choose your preferred assessment.

Wayfinder Marketing Scorecard

Our team will audit up to 4 of your company’s marketing samples, responding with an executive summary scorecard sharing initial observations and ideas for future approaches.

Choose Path

Viewpoint strategy assessment

You will provide us with one specific marketing challenge you’re facing, and a cross-disciplinary team will develop and share actionable ideas for addressing your challenge.

Choose Path

Wayfinder | Step 2

Pick up to four options from the audit options below:

Social media audit for one channel

Performance report for one quarter for one social media channel, documenting reach, impressions and post performance, including quarter-over-quarter comparisons

Brand Listening

Brand conversation analysis of the brand and two competitors with a scorecard detailing volume of messages and share of voice

Conversion rate audit

Review of key CTAs and potential barriers to conversion, providing observations/recommendations for aligning user intent with customer experience and analytics

Website technical SEO analysis

Report identifying technical website issues

Creative design review

Assessment of messaging and design quality for up to three marketing materials

Media plan review

High-level review of media plan with observations/guidance regarding best practices on media mix, frequency and tactics

Media partner audit

“Report card” assessment of up to two potential media partners based on defined target audience

Viewpoint | Step 2

Describe a specific marketing challenge or opportunity in as much detail as possible. Include all relevant information such as industry, target audience(s), channel members, associated budget, competitive factors, etc.

Conference Call

We’ll have our team of specialists each spend approximately 90 minutes brainstorming potential solutions, which we’ll document and share with you during a conference call. (This won’t be a complete marketing plan but focused ideas for a specific need.)