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At VantagePoint Marketing, we work hard to provide exactly what our clients are looking for. Every year we survey our clients to see how we’re performing, using a Net Promoter Score survey. The results give us a clear picture of how we’re doing as a B2B marketing agency, and where we could improve in the future. Our latest NPS score is an exceptional 96, better than companies like Starbucks, Chick-fil-A and Apple.


T&S Brass
“We are in the 20th year of our relationship with VantagePoint. I truly view them as an extension of our marketing department. We have found them to be incredibly resourceful and proactive. I appreciate the passion their team has for impacting our business.”
Eva-Marie Fox
Vice President, Marketing
“VantagePoint Marketing has become an integral part of LTI. Their creative work is excellent, and since utilizing VP’s public relations services, LTI is now providing our industry’s most interesting and educational written content. ”
Mike Purcell
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
“VantagePoint continuously takes the time to understand our business model and has implemented digital strategies and tactics that align with all of our objectives. The team is a great asset to Nason, and we have relied on them to be our marketing department.”
Danny Dehler
Director, Sales & Marketing
Refrigerated Foodservice Group
“The team at VantagePoint was instrumental in taking us through a brand strategy process. Their industry knowledge was key, since there was no learning curve. VantagePoint was always friendly, always responsive, and a valued partner to our business.”
Caitlin Rodgers
Marketing Consultant

How satisfied are you?

Are you this happy with your current B2B marketing agency? Perhaps it’s time to consider a change. We’ve developed this unbiased quiz to help you rate your current agency relationship and see if you’re getting the insight, ideas and impact that you really need.